The Perils of Pursuing a Prince

The Perils of Pursuing a Prince by Julia London
Desperate Debutantes Trilogy, Book 2
Pocket Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-1616-3
Reviewed by Annmarie



Greer Fairchild is destitute.  She has two choices.  Marry the highest bidder or go to Wales to claim an inheritance that may or may not exist.  Greer chooses to travel to Wales to face the man that is said to control her inheritance, Rhodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor and also known as the Prince of Powys.

The prince is more ruthless and powerful than Greer could have imagined.  Until Greer proves she is who she says she is, he refuses to give her the inheritance.  So Greer must remain as a reluctant guest in the prince's castle until proof arrives from London.  The longer Greer stays the more intriguing and irresistible she finds Rhodrick.  Is she falling under the spell of the mysterious Prince of Powys?

I think that The Perils of Pursuing a Prince is my favorite Julia London book thus far!  Rhodrick is so dark and delicious that he captured my heart.  A wonderful love story that had me biting my nails hoping for a happy ending and sighing in delight to see Greer and Rhodrick together, The Perils of Pursuing a Prince satisfied my romantic heart.


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