The Crystal by Sandra Cox
Cerridwen Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 9781419908118
Reviewed by Amelia



Reporter Gabriella Bell ducks into a store one day to escape a downpour.  While there, a green crystal ball catches her attention.  While examining the globe, she sees the face of the stranger she just ran into on the street.  Intrigued, she buys the crystal and takes it home with her.

Christopher Saint is a very talented cat burglar.  Heís hot on the trail of a crystal stolen from his auntís house.  When he finds out that Gabby purchased the crystal he works to get it back, and does it the best way that he knows: he steals it.  Gabby, however, doesnít want to let go of her purchase, which makes her feel warm and wonderful when she touches it.

She travels to New Orleans, where Christopher lives with his aunt, to retrieve what she thinks of as her property.  Christopherís Aunt Tamara doesnít want to give the globe up.  There is also another person who wants the priceless treasure.  The tussle over the crystal makes for some interesting and intense moments.

The Crystal is an interesting story of two stubborn people and their fight to have control over what they think of as theirs.  I enjoyed the way Ms. Cox portrayed her characters, especially Aunt Tamara, who added a lot to the story.  Readers who enjoy their adventures with a little of the paranormal mixed in will enjoy this story.


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