The Cougar and the Best Man by KyAnn Waters
Triskelion Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-60186-103-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jamie Cooper-Howe is preparing to be the mother of the bride.  Her daughter is marrying the man of her dreams and Jamie is realizing that she will now be alone.  Her husband left her for his young secretary and Jamie is having a hard time accepting their divorce.  Not because she loves her ex-husband but because of the way he went about ending their marriage.  It is while preparing for the wedding rehearsal that Jamie comes face to face with Nick Bentley and experiences arousal that surprises her to no end.  Nick is the best man and half her age.  There is no way she can have an affair with him, is there?  When Nick comes on strong to Jamie, both are unable to keep their hands and lips to themselves.  What happens when the wedding is over?

I found the plot of The Cougar and the Best Man to be intriguing and couldn’t wait to read this story.  Three pages into the book, I found myself wanting to put it down because of Jamie’s attitude and despising of her ex-husband. I thought her quite petulant for a mature woman and I tried very hard to like her but to no avail.  I liked Nick and thought he was naughty even though he was pushy and seemed to not want to take Jamie’s hesitancy to heart.  While I think that Ms. Waters had a great storyline on her hands, I think that my feelings for the characters got in the way of my enjoyment of this book.


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