The Conqueror by Tracy L. Ranson
New Concepts Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-212-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Returning home after being away for years fighting for King Richard, Kieran of Stratford finds his holding confiscated by his brother and his fiancť Odette deceased probably at the hands of his brother.  Regretting leaving Odette to Hughís mercy, Kieran vows to find a way to get his land and castle back, and to make his brother pay for his treachery.  The only thing stopping him is his lack of an army.  Remembering Constance, the one woman who fired his blood and made his heart sing, Kieran goes to her for help, but her help comes at a price.  A price Kieran is willing to pay.

Constance canít believe that Kieran is asking her for help.  The last time they spoke, he hurt her so badly that she swore to his face that she would never give him aid should he ask.  Now, she has to go back on her word because while Kieran may have been cruel at times when they were growing up, Constance loves him no less than she always has.  Hatching a scheme to make him leave once he sees her, Constance is pleased to know that she will not have to break her vow of not lending him aid.  That is, until he seems to not care what she looks like.  That in itself changes everything.

In true historical style, The Conqueror is full of intrigue and guise as well as romance.  While Kieran cared for Odette and wants to avenge her untimely death, he loves Constance.  I found myself in awe at his ability to cherish her memory instead of focusing on the fights that they had.  Then, to top it off, I loved watching her get the best of him. 

The Conqueror is a delightful read that I enjoyed immensely.  I love knights in shining armor who fight for damsels in distress, and while Constance was no damsel in distress, I adored how Kieran thought she was.  You canít go wrong with The Conqueror and I look forward to exploring this authorís work further. 


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