The Christmas Bunny by Camille Anthony
Stocking Stuffer
Changeling Press
Interracial, werewolves, BBW, Christmas
ISBN (10): 1-59596-405-3 (13): 978-1-59596-405-2
Reviewed by Amelia



Vance, the enforcer of his pack, is on his way to the Winter Festival when he smells a yummy treat: fresh rabbit. Unfortunately, that treat distracts him and he crashes his car.  When he starts walking he smells the rabbit again.  This time he doesn’t want to let it go.

Ouida is in a huge mess.  The man she thought was interested in her is really one of three hillbilly brothers who dresses her up in a rabbit suit, then sets her loose in the forest so they can hunt her, and rape her. Will a wolf save her, and if he does, is it like jumping out of the frying pan, and into the fire?

The Christmas Bunny is told in first person, with alternating chapters from Vance and Ouida.  I loved the way the story played out, and the first person reflections only added to my enjoyment of this tale.  Besides, what better way to warm a winter night than to read about a hunky wolf?  This one is a keeper.


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