The Bewitching Twin by Donna Fletcher
The Twins Series, Book 2
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-075783-0
Reviewed by Annmarie



Aliss is known throughout the Highlands as a healer.  Rogan, Laird of the Wolf clan, needs Aliss's skill to heal the mysterious illness that plagues his people.  When Rogan kidnaps Aliss and takes her to his people, she dares to bargain with the formidable Laird.  She will heal his people if he will return her to her sister when the people are well again. 

Although Rogan agrees to her demand, the longer they are together the more he wants the lovely Aliss.  And the more she wants him.  But will that desire change when Aliss learns of Rogan's true plans?

The minute I finished The Daring Twin I began reading the second book in Donna Fletcher's twin series, The Bewitching Twin.  What a pleasurable way to spend an afternoon.  I lost myself in the Highlands and the love story of Aliss and Rogan.  The Bewitching Twin is a delightful historical romance that I completely enjoyed!


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