The Adventures of Wonderslut by Alice Gaines
Changeling Press
Erotic Romance
ISBN 978-1-59596-394-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Felicity Plumswindle is an orchid grower in a nursery by day and Wonderslut, a member of OOMPH by night.  OOMPH is the Organization of Magnificent Paranormal Heroes.  Wonderslut helps those in need achieve orgasmic bliss.  

Felicity has her hands full with those in need of orgasms and the Americans for a Decent America and The Federal Security Bureau.  Plus, things are really heating up for her on a personal level too.

I didnít find the storyline in The Adventures of Wonderslut to be very appealing.  Also, the sex is very impersonal between the various characters due to the lack of romance.  The ending appears to be a happy one for Felicity though.

Note: There is a bit of Female/Female and Male/Male sex.


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