Taken by Storm by Marie Rochelle
Oceanís Mist Press
Erotic Contemporary/Interracial
ISBN: 1-934057-43-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Syleena Webster is invited home with her best friend Courtni for the summer.  When they arrive at the airport and Syleena meets Courtniís brother Storm, she is unable to stop the feelings he invokes in her, no matter that he is being a bit overbearing and somewhat forceful.  Hours later, when Syleena overhears Storm tell Courtni that she canít stay because she isnít from their same social circle, her heart is crushed and Syleena runs.  Years later, Syleena once again has the chance to meet Storm but this time she has a date on her arm which is something that Storm doesnít seem to care for very much.  He then goes out of his way to convince Syleena that her place is with him.

Storm Hyde doesnít understand the feelings that Syleena Webster invokes in him.  Years ago, he hurt her and has regretted his unfeeling and inappropriate actions tremendously.  Excited beyond words that she is once again in his life, Storm decides then and there that she is going to be his.  No matter what she or her date has to say about it.  Things come to a head when a person intent on doing Syleena harm, tries to sabotage their newfound relationship.  Storm loves Syleena but now it might be too late.

Taken by Storm was a hard read for me.  Fully understanding the ways of a rough and touchy businessman, I couldnít get past Stormís meanness to Syleena.  He was not a likeable character to me at all, even when upset over Syleenaís predicament.  I found him hateful and the fact that Syleena time and again put up with his snide comments and displays of temper just about did me in.  I liked the plot, I like the setting.  I just didnít like Storm Hyde.  If Storm could have shown tenderness prior to the bookís climax, he might have redeemed himself in my eyes but as it stands, he is not a character that I found likeable.

Taken by Storm is the only book I have read authored by Marie Rochelle and while I didnít enjoy it as much as I hoped I would, I am looking forward to reading something else by her.   


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