Stripped by Rhonda Stapleton
Freya’s Bower
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-934069-42-6
Reviewed by Tera



Amanda is employed by a web design company and has been working her proverbial butt off to get a managerial position. Unfortunately, after she’s had her sights set on it and even interviewed for it, she finds the position is being filled by an outside source. Her friends decide to throw her a party to lift her spirits and even manage to come up with a stripper for her. A horrible one but at least he’s extremely good-looking. But when she finds out who he is, will she be able to get over the embarrassment of throwing herself at him?

Stripped was well-written, but I hard a hard time immersing myself in it and getting lost in the characters and their world. I didn’t feel the attraction between Jake and Amanda, so it was hard for me to sympathize with them. Many of the scenes were enjoyable, but it all fell a little flat for me.


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