Stone Guardian by A.J. Cove
Amira Press
ISBN: 978-0-9789935-3-5
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar bed with a new face and a new name to match.  Well, thatís exactly what happened to Tina.  One minute she was stuck in a foreign airport because she forgot to bring her very important country entry papers and then in the very next she awakens in a strangerís home with a new identity because someone is trying to kill her.  Her handsome, baffling caregiver goes by the name of Saint John and he refuses to answer her questions as to why she is there and why someone is trying to kill her.  And, to add more fuel to the mysterious fire, Tina, now Jade, catches wind of Johnís family legend Ė in every generation one male is born a gargoyle to guard and protect the land and all mankind.  Jade thinks the story is only a crazy myth until one night she sees an actual gargoyle outside Johnís front door!  Is her dangerous, deadly pursuer a gargoyle?

In Stone Guardian you will discover an equally matched heroine and hero.  Although John was very good at keeping his secrets hidden because he felt that he was protecting her, Jade refused to stop digging until she uncovered them all.  She knew just how to push John to his limits; yet, he was able to hold his own.  From start to finish, Stone Guardian was jam-packed with edge of your seat suspense that kept me on my toes and a sweet, hard romance that left me breathless.  Stone Guardian is one dark fantasy that I am sure readers will enjoy.  A.J. Cove did a fantastic job of drawing a very satisfying conclusion to Stone Guardian all the while leaving the plot open for a sequel. 


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