Stage Fright by Jude Mason
ISBN: 1-59426-915-7
Reviewed by Tera



Jared likes to be spanked. When he finally gets up the nerve to bring the subject up to his wife, he’s scared. What if she thinks it’s weird and doesn’t look at him the same way anymore? But much to his pleasure, Megan anxiously agrees to comply with his wishes. The feeling is sensational and he instantly wants more.

When Jared asks Megan to spank him, she’s not surprised at all. She immediately agrees to try it. He loves it and it becomes a regular occurrence around the house, but how will Jared react when they take it one step further?

Stage Fright was a decent read. There were some changes in the story that jerked me out of it, i.e. describing a character putting on a certain article of clothing and then a few paragraphs later, saying he was wearing something different. Overall, not a bad read.


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