Sound and Fury by BA Tortuga
Torquere Press
GLBT Historical (M/M)
ISBN: 1-933389-93-1
Reviewed by Sabella



Seth Rhodes has been summoned to act as a second in a duel by one of his few good friends.  Sethís tired of such foolishness and canít wait for the duel to be over.  His life of late has been an exercise of habit and little has come up in recent years to interest him.  Seth is feeling his age and the young man that shows up as the other party of the duel intrigues him like no one has in a long while.

Declan Murtagh is struggling to survive.  He has arrived in London running from both his father and his painful past.  His temper keeps getting him into trouble and duels seem to be an inevitable result.  This last duel has been the strangest yet. As he encounters a man that welcomes him into his home with no hesitation and is full of unexplained concern.

Seth is struggling to make Declan at ease while offering unasked for help.

 But Declanís temper keeps getting in the way.  They both find the attraction they feel for one another hard to resist while they clash on a personal level.  Both Seth and Declan have to overcome their personal reticence to enter into a relationship and try to build a strong bond.

Sound and Fury relates the story of two men who unexpectedly find in each other something that they hadnít realized they were missing from their lives.  BA Tortuga paints such a vivid picture of Seth and Declan that I found myself wanting to read ahead to see them resolve their conflict, while savoring the sensuality of their blossoming relationship.  You canít help but to fall in love with them from the very first meeting.  The passion between the two men is so engrossing that during their explorations, you will find yourself wrapped up in their passion.  This book was impossible to stop reading once I began.

Sound and Fury has just cemented my belief that you canít go wrong picking up a book by BA Tortuga.  I can recommend this book without doubt to lovers of m/m romance.


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