Smalltown U.S.A. (Trilogy No. 105) by Cat Johnson
Linden Bay Romance
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-905393-96-2
Reviewed by Nannette



The Horseman

Jared Gordon owns Gordon Equine In the small town of Pigeon Hollow.   Mandy Morris is a television producer.  She has come to Pigeon Hollow to make a reality TV show.   Jared is against it, but Mandyís not giving up.

In The Horseman, Jared and Mandy are very hot together even if they seem slightly mismatched. I was surprised that Jared didnít want to keep his small town, small town too.  


The Ballplayer

Lizzie Barton was eighteen when she spent one night with Cole Ryan.  She lost her virginity to him two days before he left for baseball training camp. 

Ten years later Cole is comes back to Pigeon Hallow after an injury prevents him from playing Baseball anymore.  Lizzie broke up with him abruptly three weeks after he started training camp and he hasnít heard from her since.  So when he finally does see her, he is surprised to discover that she has a son, and heís shocked to discover who the father is.

The Ballplayer is one of those really romantic stories that just tugs at your heartstrings. Cole is drop dead sexy and Lizzie is a sweetheart.  I really enjoyed this hot and romantic story.


The Deputy

Bobby Barton is the deputy of Pigeon Hallow. Christy Dunne is part of the reality TV show that has invaded his hometown.  Sheís driving him crazy following him around all the time with a cameraman in tow.  Christy will do anything to get close to handsome deputy Bobby, but Bobby wants nothing to do with her, until another man gets her attention.

The sexual tension between Bobby and Christy in The Deputy is very entertaining. I think they have their work cut out for them making things long term though; they have a lot of differences.


Smalltown U.S.A is a fun series of stories. The reality show concept seemed really out of place for the small town of Pigeon Hallow though.  It felt intrusive, and the characters are fun and sexy but they donít all seem well suited.


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