Singled Out by Jennifer McKenzie
Divine Intervention
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60088-105-3
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Michaela has officially given up on finding a man to spend the rest of her life with.  After years of dating boring men who have no idea of her wants and needs, she figures being single is better than accepting a less than perfect relationship.  Her decision to stop trying to find a man sets her guardian angel on edge because if he fails to find her the mate that is destined for her, then he might get sent south and that is not acceptable to him.  When Michaelaís guardian angel realizes who the man is that is predestined to be her forever mate, he winces because he knows just how much work he has cut out for him.

Tim Lassiter has been ridiculing and fighting with Michaela for years.  Itís all an act, however, because deep down in his hidden heart, Tim desires Michaela like none before her.  Knowing that she would never accept a date from him, Tim comes up with a seduction to thaw even the most frozen of female hearts.

The whole premise of Singled Out was about finding someone to love in the least likely of places.  I found Timís treatment of Michaela at their workplace horrible and couldnít blame her for refusing to treat him seriously or even accept him as a possible boyfriend and lover.  Michaela wasnít without blame because as much as Tim treated her like scum, she returned the sentiment completely.  I found it hard to accept Timís attraction to Michaela and while I found his seduction of her poignant and very believable, I just couldnít get past prior hurts.  When I finished reading Singled Out, I went back and reread it again and my opinion didnít change.  I love that the two main characters overcame their differences and learned to love each other, but I was just unable to imagine myself in the heroineís position of acceptance.  


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