Silk Stealth by Carolina Valdez
Amber Quill Press
Contemporary / Suspense / Thriller
ISBN: 1-59279-521-8
Reviewed by Jo



Pediatrician Elizabeth Michaels is just days away from leaving for the Middle East with an Across Borders Physicians team.  Elizabeth is anticipating an interesting and fulfilling time, up until she is visited by the C.I.A.  Now Elizabeth has a slightly different expectations of her trip, she knows that some time in some way she will be contacted to help get a wounded special agent out of the country.

Special Agent Shir Mansouri has been under cover in the Middle East and has information that needs to get into the hands of the C.I.A.  Shir has been hurt trying to escape and barely makes it to a safe house.  When he wakes up, it is to find a woman doctor treating him and to his shock he finds out she is his help to escape. 

Shir and Elizabeth begin a journey that is dangerous at every turn and one wrong word can get them captured or harmed.  Each try to ignore the attraction that they feel for the other during their escape.  However sometimes fate will have its ways over practicality and Shir and Elizabeth come together during their flight.  When the danger finds them, Shir must decide between his nation and Elizabeth.  Will both Shir and Elizabeth find a way to survive and discover if their love is real or an element of the danger?

By saying that Silk Stealth is a tale of an American couple trying to escape from a Middle Eastern country does not even cover it.  Elizabeth Michaels knows that she is well over her head when she agrees to help a wounded agent in a foreign country.  Shir Mansouri is a C.I.A. agent that seems more Middle Eastern than American from the time Elizabeth meets him.  Following them both and all the things they end up doing in trying to escape was a page-turner.  I enjoyed all the insights into various aspects of Middle Eastern culture that were included. The feeling of suspense went from the first page until the last - I had not guessed the entire ending until I read it.  If you love suspense novels then you will want to read Silk Stealth


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