She Blinded Me with Science by Michelle L. Levigne
All's Fae in Love and Chocolate, Book 3
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-976-5
Reviewed by Klarissa



Doing her thesis on the existence of magic, Sophie has found her test subject at one of the science fiction conventions.  She believes Kevyn is magical and plans to kidnap and study him.  Using info her grandmother gave her, she forms a plan in order to take him. 

As things work out, Sophie isn't prepared for the way he makes her feel.  Kevyn is cute and sexy and makes her long for more from him.  Kevyn has other plans for Sophie.  She has fae blood too and he hopes he can make her into a changeling and keep her for himself.  Kevyn must also help Sophie when her work and her life become threatened by one her colleagues. 

She Blinded Me with Science is a quick read that will have you laughing and eager to see what happens next between Sophie and Kevyn.  I love Kevyn's wit and he knows how to play Sophie right into his hand.  Sophie is smart and compassionate, meshing with Kevyn well.  These two were made for each other.  For a fun read, definitely give this one a try.


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