Seducing St. Nic by Emma Petersen
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-083-4
Reviewed by Sharon



Vampire Cypriano “St. Nic” San Nicolo has recently arisen from a long slumber and has resumed running San Nicolo International, where Barbara Jean Ruiz is his executive assistant.  Barbara Jean’s thoughts about Cypriano range from wondering if she could have evil undead children with him when he looks at her with lust in his eyes, to wondering what he looks like with a stake in him when he annoys her, yet again. 

Seducing St. Nic is a quick, fun read and Barbara Jean’s obsession to keep her neck covered in order to avoid tempting Cypriano had me laughing throughout the story.  Barbara Jean is a feisty little one, ready with the snappy one-liners, albeit most of her comebacks are muttered under her breath. Too bad Cypriano has excellent hearing.  Cypriano is a sexy vampire, who is hesitant to act on his feelings for Barbara Jean.  The final showdown is ultimately touching and, if you’re lucky, Santa will leave Seducing St. Nic in your stocking (ok, flashdrive).


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