Secrets Inc.: Whip Me by Justine Paper
Mardi Gras Publishing
ISBN: 1-934329-22-3
Reviewed by Jo



Tina is working in an adult store until she can get through college.  One day a flyer is left for her advertising a company called Secrets Inc., claiming it can make all your fantasies come true.  Tina disregards it because she has noticed a customer that makes her body warm up.  Jacob works for Secrets Inc. and he has been searching for his perfect mate.  Jacob has more then just one reason for needing to locate her.  He knows that he has located her when he walks into the store where Tina works.  Now he just needs to discover what her fantasy is.  One night is all it takes for Tina to discover that not only is Jacob meant for her, but also that the magic they have in bed is not the only magic in the air.

Secrets Inc.: Whip Me is hot from the first sentence.  Tina agrees to go with Jacob, which is unlike her but everything in her says it is the right thing to do.  Jacob knows that after he finishes giving Tina her ultimate fantasy they will never be apart again.  After explosive sex, Tina discovers an entirely new element in the world around her and just how right she and Jacob really are.  Secrets Inc.: Whip Me is an entry into a new society and just reading about Tina and Jacob has me hoping that Ms. Paper is planning on introducing us further into the company of Secrets Inc.  Lovers of BDSM and Bondage will want to read Secrets Inc.: Whip Me and then they will be like me, hoping that this is just a beginning.


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