Seasons of Seduction, Volume I: by Delilah Devlin, Lillian Fiesty, Allyson James, Sherrill Quinn, Denise Rossetti and Jory Strong
Ellora’s Cavemen Anthology:
Historical, Contemporary, Vampire, SciFi,
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN 9781419910159
Reviewed by Amelia



Her Lance-Alot by Delilah Devlin

Lady Margaret Du Bary is convent raised.  Newly wed to Lord Roland Du Bary, the new lord of Beckwith Keep, she is convent educated, and scared to death of the large, hairy man who will take her to his bed tonight.  Roland knows that Margaret is a beautiful woman.  He wants to make her first bedding enjoyable. What Margaret wants is to distract her husband long enough to be able to escape to the convent.

Her Lance-Alot is a hot tale of two people who want different things, coming together as one.  The bathing scene in this tale is hot and seductive.  This story is a great start to this anthology.


Dance of the Plain Jane by Lillian Feisty

Jane Holliday has long lusted after SEAL Michael Sky.  She’s seen him in the coffee shop in their neighborhood, but never had the nerve to approach him.  One night, while she is belly dancing at a local restaurant, Michael sees her and wants her.  He makes love to her, and then is called out on a job.  When he returns, he has to work on getting Jane to trust him, and let him back in her life.

Dance of the Plain Jane is a lusty tale, very hot and very erotic.  I had problems, though, liking Michael.  I got very angry when he left Jane the first time, despite the fact that work called.  My anger, though, is a testament to how well I identified with Jane, and how well the characters were drawn.  He worked hard to gain Jane’s trust, but by the end of the story, my trust was still on the fence.  That said, Jane definitely loved him, and they found joy together, and very, very hot sex.  The couple work well together.


Club Vamp by Allyson James

Kenelm is a master vampire.  He and his lover, Adam, are searching for a woman who has the power to restore his power, which is dwindling.  Helena Girard is a reporter.  When Kenelm sees her, he knows she’s the one.  He sends Adam to bring her to Club Vamp, which Kenelm owns.  Helena knows that she can’t have sex with someone, because her body gives off deadly electricity when she has an orgasm.  But she’s never had sex with a vampire nearby.

Club Vamp is a hot, sexy story.  I loved the chemistry between Kenelm and Adam.  Adding Helena to the mix only heats things up.  Add to the mix the excitement of the Guardians coming to destroy the lovers, and you have a story that readers will enjoy.


Choosing Madison by Sherrill Quinn

Madison Marquette is an erotic romance novelist who, unwittingly, has an alien princess for a friend.  One night while the two are watching TV, raiders appear in Madison’s living room to take the princess back to her intended mate, from whom she has run away for one last adventure.  Gaelen Brecca and his bond-brother, Leax Ilan, have come to bring the princess home.  They don’t intend to find their mate on this mission, but when they see Madison they know that they have found her.

Choosing Madison is a wonderful story of the bond between three people.  I enjoyed watching Madison come to terms with the alien’s customs.  The attraction between the three of them is hot and steamy. Definitely a fun story.


Come Howling by Denise Rossetti

Maeve O’Brien is cursed as a banshee.  Whenever she’s near someone with Irish blood who has suffered a loss, she goes into full banshee mode.  She seeks employment through an agency and meets Luc Kaminski, who is instantly attracted to her.  Maeve tells him her secret, and tells him that the only thing that will set her free is the love of a man, but not a mortal man.  Luc has a secret of his own, that involves a tail.

Wow.  My eyes are still popping here.  Come Howling is a very innovative, very erotic tale that makes very creative, very erotic use of a tail.  This story stunned and amazed me.  I loved it.


Lyrael’s Sacrifice by Jory Strong

Lyrael is a member of the Azzura tribe.  She knows that certain dreams that she has had mean that she is to be the next sacrifice to the Djinn.  No one in the tribe knows what happens to a person who is sacrificed.  They are left for the Djinn, and never return.  Asrafil is the Djinn whom Lyrael has called in her dreams.  In her he sees strength and beauty.  She must pass several tests, however, before he can make her his wife, and welcome her to the City of Djinn.

Lyrael’s Sacrifice is an intense and emotional story.  Both Lyrael and Asrafil are strong characters, and mix well together.  It was a joy to watch them meet, explore each other and fall in love.


Seasons of Seduction, Volumne 1 is full of great stories from fantastic writers.  This one is a keeper for lovers of erotic, and poignant stories.



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