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Runaway Train by Isabella Jordan
Amber Quill Press
Contemporary / Exhibitionism / Public Places / Voyeurism
ISBN 978-1-59279-681-6
Reviewed by Delia



Delia Strand is fed up! She cannot take one more bad relationship. In her five years in New York, her personal life has become a smorgasbord of loser boyfriends. She has decided to take a break from men and leave her fast-paced New York lifestyle to visit her cousin, Liv, in New Orleans. She’s always wanted to take a trip by train and here is her opportunity to fulfill at least one of her dreams. A chance encounter with a darkly dangerous stranger might just change her mind about relationships before her trip is over.

Runaway Train by Isabella Jordan takes an independent woman and puts her into a situation outside of her comfort zone.  Delia has never even thought of voyeurism as having any place in a relationship, Her chance meeting with Tony opens up a whole new world of sensation for her. Watching and being watched gives her a sense of power she’s never felt before.  I thoroughly enjoyed this voyeuristic look into Delia’s and Tony’s relationship.  It may just be me, but I would have liked Tony to have a last name as it cements the character’s for me.


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