Rubies of Fire by Lynne Connolly
Department 57, Book 3
Triskelion Publishing
Paranormal / Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-60186-095-1
Reviewed by Jo



Andreas Constant is a vampire and a field agent for Department 57.  He has been sent in to another CIA department to locate who is leaking information.  Andreas’ cover is that of the office wolf that is more worried about hitting on all the women then putting in a full day at work.  Andreas is very unhappy with this assignment – that is until he meets Roz Templeton.  She is unlike the type of woman that normally attracts Andreas and his main suspect.

Roz Templeton is a vampire with a large and powerful family.  She has worked for the CIA for a few years and when her family contacts her about two members that were murdered, Roz uses her job to locate who was behind the murders.  Roz can find nothing to like about Andreas, whom she sees as a sleaze and a distraction.  When her boss partners Roz with Andreas to help locate a leak in another department, she is less than thrilled.

Andreas and Roz do not begin their partnership smoothly; however, it does not take long for Roz to discover that she has not met the real Andreas yet.  Once Roz and Andreas meet on equal ground they discover an attraction that is so intense and overwhelming that it takes them both by surprise.  They are helpless to do anything more than give in to the emotional needs and sexual fever that happens when they are close together.  Trying to deal with their needs has to take a sideline as they, along with their team, try to locate the leak and shut it down.  When misunderstandings happen between them, danger surrounds Roz and puts her life at stake and Andreas has only one chance to find and save her. 

Rubies of Fire is the perfect book for romantic suspense and paranormal lovers.  Rubies of Fire has several types of paranormal characters, and a plot that is erotic, suspenseful, and fast paced from beginning to end.  Andreas is an unusual vampire in that he has no family unless you count his friends and co-workers.  He is all about his job until Roz.  Roz has always put her vampire family first and her job second until she learns that sometimes personal needs trump those of the family.  Roz and Andreas go through several layers of deep emotion and betrayal until they finally realize that they have to be together forever.   I was engrossed in the plot quickly because of the fast paced action.  Although Rubies of Fire centers on Roz and Andreas, all the characters and their interactions are compelling.  I believe that Rubies of Fire is a must-read and must-keep in your library.  I have not read the first two books in this series, however I plan on correcting this immediately and can’t wait for the next Department 57 story.


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