Revenant by Crystal Jordan
In the Runes Series
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-112-1
Reviewed by Tera



Rue has always known she was different. Her parents just thought she was crazy, so they had her committed. One night, a ghost comes to visit her and tells her she is going to be taken someplace else, someplace good. Little does she know whatís in store for her. Will she be able to handle what she is to do, along with her attraction for the partner that comes with it?

John has been instructed to get Rue and bring her to his superiors so that they may train her. He doesnít expect to be attracted to her, though. This is too bad, because as a ghost, he isnít able to do anything about his attraction. Will he be able to deal with working with the rookie?

I enjoyed Revenant immensely. The attraction and chemistry between John and Rue was extremely tangible and I waited with baited breath throughout the entire story to find out what would happen with them. The premise of the story was quite interesting and new to me, which was a wonderful change. Crystal Jordan did a wonderful job with this one.


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