Reunion by Kimberly Zant
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-815-7
Reviewed by Klarissa



Carrie has finally decided to go to her high school reunion.  The trip there is awful, leaving her looking a little worn.  Before she has a chance to freshen up at her hotel, she runs into none other than her high school crush, Heath.  Hes also the one she wants to exorcise from her thoughts.  Carrie hopes one night of wild sex will do it.

Heath takes every opportunity to show Carrie attention from the moment she walks into the hotel.  He obviously wants to be with her, because he keeps making himself available for her.  Unfortunately, she's a little suspicious and it takes time for her to realize he wants to be with her.  Can Heath convince her that she's been on his mind all these years?  Will Carrie see past her quick hit and run scheme to give this relationship a chance?

Reunion has an interesting concept.  I was hoping for more emotional development from Carrie and Heath, but both characters felt a little flat.  The story flowed well, but I kept getting hung up on the fact Carrie wanted Heath, yet pushed him away at every turn.  Kimberly Zant develops an interesting plot, but I think she missed the mark with Carrie and Heath.


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