Renaissance by Zannie Adams
Elloraís Cave
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781419909665
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Cali Ross wants to be a reporter and when she is given a chance to investigate one of the townís most prominent citizens with the help of his son, she jumps at the chance.  Telling herself it is because of the story, Cali knows she is lying to herself because deep down, she secretly has a crush on Kent Landon.  When the story hits and Kentís father is crushed, he isnít the only one.  It seems that Cali is no longer useful to Kent and maybe never was.  Leaving town to lick her wounds, Cali doesnít return until years later when she and Kent are both older and wiser.  Or so she thinks.

Kent Landon comes face to face with a girl from his past, although she is no longer a girl but a woman grown.  Cali Ross is still beautiful and Kent still desires her.  Propositioning her for a one night stand to get her out of his system, Kent finds himself wanting her for more than just a casual fling.  He finds that he wants her for more than just sex, he wants to spend his life with her.  Now, if only he can convince her, things would be great.

From the blurb of Renaissance, I was immediately intrigued with both the plot and story, ie, small town girl, big rich man come together with explosive sex.  However, that is where I lost myself.  I simply could not find it possible to like Cali Ross.  I found her base at times and too stubborn to see what was right in front of her face.  At times I wanted to throttle her and then I would notice her vulnerability and wanted to give her a hug.  Kent Landon, for all his manly good looks and heart-felt emotions towards Cali, was a man that was tough to love as well.  I thought him very self-centered and selfish in the bedroom with the way the story was written.  While he did love Cali and by the end of the story I could see that shining through, I just didnít believe him at first.  Suffice it to say, what could have been a sensual, delightful romp with two very beautiful and good-looking characters ended up being a book that I wasnít sure I could finish.  Renaissance was just not the book for me this month, but I do plan on reading other works by Zannie Adams.  I refuse to give up on this author.


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