Real Men Do It Better

Real Men Do It Better by Lora Leigh, Susan Donovan,
Lori Wilde and Carrie Alexander

St. Martin's
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-312-35979-9
Reviewed by Annmarie



His Body Electric by Carrie Alexander

When a stranger seeks refuge in her barn during an electrical storm, Karen invites him into her home.  Alone in her remote farmhouse, Karen sets out to seduce the mystery man and discovers far more than pleasure in this magnetic stranger's arms.

The first novella in this anthology is a real scorcher!  Incredibly erotic with highly charged sexuality, His Body Electric is hot hot hot!


Bed and Breakfast by Susan Donovan

Due to a mix up, uptight LA executive Kate Dreyfuss finds herself all alone in a New Mexico lodge with hunky retreat owner, Jorey Matheny.  With her life falling apart, the last thing Kate wants is to be stuck so far from civilization.  When a flash flood hits the area, it appears as if fate has other plans.  With Jorey's help, Kate learns to slow down and enjoy the pleasures fate has given her.

Jorey is hot and smart and I'd love to be stranded with him for a few...lifetimes! Bed and Breakfast is deliciously sexy.


For Maggie's Sake by Lora Leigh

Former Navy SEAL and DEA agent, Joe Merino lost the woman he loved years ago to another man.  Now she is all alone and in danger.  Joe has been given a second chance with Maggie but first he has to save her life.

Oh my God, I am crazy mad in love with Joe Merino.  He makes me pant!  For Maggie's Sake is full of super charged erotic love scenes and high danger.  I loved every word of it!


Siren's Call by Lori Wilde

They say you never forget your first love and Annie certainly hasn't forgotten hers.  Now that she's back home, Duncan is trying to rekindle the fire that was once between them.  Duncan and the treasure he tempts her with is too hard for Annie to resist!

I love a hunky Scotsman and Duncan is very hunky!  The sexual heat these two generate is delicious!  Siren's Call finishes this sexy anthology with some serious romantic fireworks.


All four novellas in the Real Men Do It Better anthology were terrific!  Erotic romance fans will not want to miss this awesome collection of first class authors.


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