Pink Jinx by Sandra Hill
Jinx series, Book One
Warner Vision
Contemporary Romance
ISBN (10) 0446616524 (13) 978-0446616522
Reviewed by Amelia



Veronica “Ronnie” Jinkowsky is a lawyer who’s never had much contact with her grandfather, Frank Jinkowsky.  Now, he’s luring her to his treasure hunting business by telling her that he’s broke.  He’s put his business, and his remaining property in her name, and he needs her help.

Jake Jensen is Ronnie’s ex-husband, four times ex-husband.  He’s a professional poker player, and knows that he loves Ronnie, but they just can’t seem to keep it together.

Frank, though, has come up with a plan.  He wants Ronnie and Jake to help him on a treasure hunt for a Mafia widow’s necklace full of pink diamonds, that was on a ship that sank some fifty years ago.

Once the two are on board ship together, they battle each other, plus two hunky admirers who would rather see Ronnie with them, then back with her ex-husband.

Pink Jinx contains Sandra Hill’s patented brand of humor, which made me laugh in more than one place. I loved Ronnie and Jake’s history, and the way it was woven into the story.  Secondary characters, including Tante Lulu, Tee-John, and several Mafia goons add to the spice.

I’ve always loved Sandra Hill’s romances, mixed with humor and love.  Pink Jinx is a great start to a new series.


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