Penelope & Prince Charming by Jennifer Ashley
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8439-5606-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Prince Damien Augustus Frederic Michel of Nvengaria has a dilemma.  He must marry in order to inherit his kingdom and Penelope Trask is his only choice.  While she likes to act as if his kisses mean nothing, Damien knows better and the fact that she is being so stubborn infuriates him to no end.  If only he could seduce and charm her as she deserves, but the attempts on his life and the magic surrounding him makes it pretty difficult.  Lucky for him, Penelopeís passion gets the best of her and her desire for him is as potent as his desire for her.

Penelope doesnít want to be the wife of a prince.  Least of all, the wife of IMPERIAL Prince Damien Augustus Frederic Michel of Nvengaria.  So what if his voice makes her melt?  So what if his eyes are so blue she gets lost looking into them?  Daring to refuse his suit, Penelope wants to be loved for herself, not because it is a princely duty.  Plus, why must she feel so besieged by the feelings she has for Damien when she knows that he looks at their engagement differently?  Or does he?

Penelope & Prince Charming was beguiling and totally satisfying.  I adore reading historical romances and when historical romances are combined with a bit of paranormal for good measure, I canít think of anything better that I would want to read.  Captivating from page one, I watched the story unfold.  I found myself on the outside looking in, alternating between wanting to shake Penelope for her stubbornness and then hug her for her innocence.  She wanted to love someone forever and wasnít willing to settle for less and those principles made Damienís charm and seduction of her all that more sweet. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Penelope & Prince Charming.  I found it entertaining and several times even laughed out loud.  It was just an all around good read!


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