Outside Protocol by Dawn Ryder
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Contemporary/Menage/Light Bondage
ISBN: 9781419909627
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Leaving a party early, Robyn walks to her car but before she can get to it, she comes across two men and a woman.  Two beautiful men and a begging woman.  Secretly watching them, she finds herself intrigued by the dynamics of what is being said, and what isnít being said.  When the menís attention focuses on Robyn and they turn their wiles on her, she is curious but not so curious as to give in.  Or is she?  While life makes Robyn follow a set pattern of rules, what Jace and Nash are offering her is something outside of all her rules.  Something that strictly does not follow protocol. 

Jace and Nash live and work together.  They have saved each otherís lives more times than they can count and they have rules they follow.  They love to share their women; that is the way they are and they do not apologize for being this way.  When they come across Robyn in the parking lot of their favorite club, they see through to her inner submissive side yearning to be controlled and taken care of by someone who deserves her.  They are that someone.  Together they will prove to Robyn that you donít have to follow rules when it comes to love.  You just love.

I have a new favorite book from Dawn Ryder and it is Outside Protocol.  This baby made me sweat.  It made me yearn.  It made me blush.  I think it should be a rule for every grown woman to have a Jace and Nash around.  Just because.  I found these two men completely attractive and their treatment of Robyn, from their protection to their adoration, a full-blown turn-on.  Putting myself in Robynís shoes, I have to admit, I would have fallen for these two powerful men in a heartbeat as well.  I would have asked questions laterÖmuch later.

With the way Outside Protocol was written, I canít help but keep my fingers crossed that some of the characters I met will have their own stories.  Outside Protocol is firmly filed on my keeper shelf under ďHĒ for HOT!  I adore Dawn Ryder and canít wait to read more from this tremendously talented author.


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