Out There In The Night by Laura Baumbach
Erotic Gay Paranormal/ Shape-shifter
ManLoveRomance Press
ISBN-10: 0979311004
ISBN-13: 978-0979311000
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Legend foretold of a wolf's mate that was of twin spirits.  Dr. Conner Jacy doesn't know about this legend, but he dreams of a tall, dark, seductively handsome man who is the half that makes him whole.  As an Alaskan Peninsula traveling health care physician, Conner thought he was happy.  A fellow physician, Greg, has been his lover for five months, but something is missing.  Something that Conner just can't stop thinking about.  When Greg's selfishness becomes too much to bear, Conner volunteers to go through the Alaskan wilderness on a snowmobile to help a young Eskimo girl deliver a baby.  On the way back to base, his snowmobile is attacked by a huge, black wolf and Conner is injured.  Waking up in a strange cabin, Conner comes face to face with the man of his dreams and falls instantly in love.

Adam has been waiting over 100 years for his mate.  As the Alpha of a pack of Native American werewolf skin-walkers, Adam had almost given up until Fate decided differently; now he is at peace.  Carrying an injured Conner into his cabin, Adam sets out to heal his mate.  He cleans him, bandages his cuts and bruises, and then shares his body warmth with him.  Adam knows that Conner is his destiny.  Now, all he has to do is convince Conner of it.  In order for the mating to be complete, Conner and Adam must mark each other three times.  Plus, there is the added consequence of mating a werewolf...

I had not read any previous teasers or summaries about Out There in the Night, so I began reading it without any hint of plot or content.  For that, I am grateful because this story held me riveted from the moment I began to read.  I am usually not a big fan of m/m or f/f books.  However, Out There in the Night kept me enthralled until I read the last word.  I could only wish for a mate who cared for me as much as Adam cared for Conner.  As for Conner, he has to be the luckiest guy I have ever read about.  Not only did he get an Alpha as a mate, but he is actually the one in control of the relationship because his mate lives to please him.  All in all, a dream come true!

Out There in the Night may be the first Laura Baumbach book I have read, but it won't be the last.  I hope to read more from her soon!  And for anyone wanting a great love story, Out There in the Night is that and more.  Congratulations Ms. Baumbach on a truly, mind-opening, wonderful read!


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