Operation SpaceQuest by Marianne LaCroix
Virtual Awakening, Episode 1
Forbidden Publications
Reviewed by Klarissa



Julie canít wait to try out her new virtual reality game, Operation SpaceQuest.  After three years of working hard, itís finally ready.  When she sits down to try it out things go very wrong.  Julie is transported into the game and is surprised to see her sexy boss there also.  Dorian is hot and sexy and Julie canít believe her luck, because sheís had a thing for him since she began working at SciVirtua.  This twosome must work their way through the game in order to reach reality again.

Operation SpaceQuest is the first book in what looks to be an interesting series.  Being locked in a game with the one person who makes Julie hot will definitely make for an interesting journey.  My interest is definitely peaked with this one and I hope to see more episodes soon.


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