Operation G-Spot by Jodi Lynn Copeland
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0758214812
Reviewed by Amelia



Three women who can’t orgasm with a men form an online support group. Then, they work to fulfill their dreams.

Terms of Enticement

Restaurant worker Liz Hart wants an orgasm, but she just can’t seem to make it work. Every time she gets close, something happens to interrupt it and Liz starts to feel bad. She doesn’t want to be like her mother, who jumped from man to man. The last few times she’s been on the edge have been with Dusty Marr.

Dusty is Liz’s brother’s friend. After two aborted attempts, he figures out that Liz is in search of an orgasm, and he wants to help her obtain her goal. He discovers, though, that he cares for Liz, and vice versa. Now he just has to convince her of that.

Terms of Enticement is a tantalizing story. I loved Dusty and the fact that he wasn’t fooled by Liz’s bravado, which really got to me at times. The two are explosive together and very creative. I may never look at ads for a cooking class in the same way again. This was a great way to start this three-story anthology.


Sexless in Seattle

Kristi Hill designs sex toys. The only way she can have an orgasm is by using her own products. One night she attends a business meeting with a potential distributor. Too late she finds out the clients are taking her to a male strip club. The next morning, Kristi wakes up in bed with two gorgeous dancers, Jack and Spencer.

Kristi is mortified, until she realizes that one of these gorgeous men gave her an orgasm. Now she has to decide which one. Kristi decided to give each of them another shot, separately, to see who’s up to the task. What she finds out will blow her mind, and her G-spot.

Sexless in Seattle is a hilarious tale. I absolutely loved Kristi, Jack and Spencer. The three of them made for a fun reading that made my blood pressure go up and my tear ducts water with laughter. This story is a hilarious read that is not to be missed.


Desperately Seeking Simon

Fiona De Luca is a defense attorney who can’t have a man-induced orgasm. One day she receives a king-sized vibrator, named King Simon, from her friend, Kristi, and has a fantastic orgasm. She knows that she has to find the human version of King Simon, and she finds him in her neighbor.

Jonah Meadowbrook draws erotic graphic novels for a living. For a while now, he’s been spying on Fiona’s bedroom activities and using her as the model for his main character.

Fiona sees Jonah and decides that he’s her Simon. She goes for it, but the two get crossways. What will Fiona do when she discovers Jonah’s secret? You’ll have to read it to find out.


Desperately Seeking Simon is an interesting story. I loved Jonah’s job, but felt hesitant to accept his spying on Fiona. I loved Fiona’s backbone and the way she took the news, though. In the end I loved the explosive way they came together.


Operation G-Spot is an interesting collection of stories. Readers will enjoy three ladies’ look at their inability to orgasm, and the way the find solutions.



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