Nothing Like the Sun by Megan Hart
Blue Silver series
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-578-1
Reviewed by Klarissa



Georgiana Davis was prepared to seduce the one man she's lusted after for twenty years.  She trained to be a sexpot and a right fine one too.  Julian Manchester, a member of the band Blue Silver is her target.  Georgie missed out seeing him all those years ago by some freak accident of fate.  The limo they were in broke down and Georgie and the girls missed their chance to be near the band.

Now, hearing about their comeback tour, Georgie has dieted and taken lessons for the last six months getting ready to see the man who’s occupied her mind.  Julian Manchester wasn't going to know what hit him.  Georgie was ready.  She just wanted one night with him.  But could fate step in again where Julian and Georgie are concerned?

Nothing Like the Sun is another great story in the Blue Silver series.  Megan Hart weaves a tale of premeditated seduction and you can’t help but hope it all works out for Georgie.  I loved Julian and his vulnerabilities.  These two hot people make a great pair and their story is well worth reading over and over again.


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