Nothing Like Experience by Willa Okati
The Brotherhood series, Book 11
Loose Id
LGBT Werewolf Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-407-7
Reviewed by Shannon



Veterinarian Allen Michaels is definitely not interested in having a relationship right now.  Heís had his share of ups and downs, including a former lover who died of cancer after they had been together for ten years.  When Liam tells him about the trip to Amour Magique, Allen tries to think of any excuse to get out of it.  Itís just not his thing.

The last thing Allen expects is to meet the very young and very attractive Chance Masterson at his clinic.  Chance comes on strong, but Allen keeps telling himself heís not interested.  His reaction to Chanceís flirting border on rude, but when Chance gets himself into trouble outside the clinic, Allen canít stop himself from helping the man.

Chance isnít exactly normal, and the men determined to make his life hell are not going to stop.  Can Allen overcome his doubts and find love with Chance, even when he discovers his secret?

The Brotherhood series is definitely a not-so-guilty pleasure for me.  Each man within the Brotherhood is different enough and interesting enough to hold his own, and Allen has quickly become one of my favourites.  He is hesitant to get into a relationship and just knows that Chance is trouble the minute he sees him, but he jumps in the minute Chance needs his help.  Chance is vulnerable and he reminded me of a cute and cuddly puppy with how eager he is to please.  I loved Chance and Allen, and the way they interacted with each other.  The sex in Nothing Like Experience is thigh-clenching, the characters are intriguing and the continuing glimpses of Liam are making me pant to see what is coming next.  Willa Okati has outdone herself with Nothing Like Experience and given readers a new member of the Brotherhood to pant over.

Publisherís Note: The books in this series all stand alone and may be read in any order


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