Nice and Naughty by Cat Johnson
Trilogy No. 106
Linden Bay Romance
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN 978-1-60202-009-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Secret Recipe

Alexis Cooper is a fraud.  She is a party planner with a cookbook and television show devoted to culinary skills she doesn’t have.  Now she has to cater the firefighters fundraiser event with no idea how to pull it off.  Lexi meets hunky fireman, Scott O’Malley, fighting over eggs in the supermarket and before she knows it, Scott is teaching her how to cook and heating things up in the bedroom as well.

Scott is a really sweet guy. You might even say the perfect guy.  Lexi is a little wimpy but she’s a sweetheart.  Secret Recipe is a fun and romantic story with a bit of steamy sex served on the side!


Mr. December

Jason Bryant is playing Santa in his family owned store “Bryants Department Store” when Tessa O’Donnell sits on his lap thinking Jason is her brother Troy.   Jason is eager to have Tessa on his lap, but when she asks who he is he tells her he is JB and that he works at the store instead of that he owns it.  Now that he’s falling for her, what will Tessa do when she finds out he lied to her?

Bryant and Tessa are a lot of fun.  Bryant definitely needs Tessa to keep him hip.  He was in danger of becoming old way before his time without her!  Mr. December has a lot of romance and a little spice thrown in at the end.


Can’t Buy Me Love

Zoey Massey owns “Zoey’s Events.”  The business is in the red and Zoey is way overworked.  Gordy Mullen is on his way home from the firehouse when he notices smoke coming from Zoey’s store.   He finds an unconscious Zoey on the floor and her cookies burning in the oven.  Gordy becomes a hero of sorts for Zoey, saving her from a few more accidents.  Can he save her from herself though?

Zoey and Gordy are great together.  They make a good team.  Can’t Buy Me Love is a sweet and romantic story.


Secret Recipe, Mr. December, and Can’t Buy Me Love are three very romantic stories. With three hunky firemen and three women who need them, Naughty and Nice is a sweet hot read.


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