Lord Demonís Delight by Gia Dawn
Demons of Dunmore series, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Historical/Fantasy
ISBN: 1-59998-388-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jessaline Nolan has spent most of her life fighting her father and suffering the consequences.  When she vows that she would rather marry a Ďdemoní from Dunmore rather than the man her father is forcing her to marry, her wish comes true in the form of Lord Llewellyn Dunmore.  Instantly attracted to and promising to be a good wife, particularly in the bedroom, Jessaline has no idea how much Llewellyn will come to mean to her, especially when their marriage is threatened by outside forces.

Llewellyn Dunmore has spent his life watching his father go from woman to woman.  He knows no different and so he puts his knowledge to use by seducing anything in skirts.  He is happy and content to love women and leave them until he comes face to face with a red haired beauty vowing she would rather marry a Dunmore than the man handpicked by her father.  Vowing to not disappoint the lady, Llew marries her, but not before exacting a promise from her giving him full control of their nocturnal activities.  Llewellyn has no idea that he has just found the one woman to sooth the demon.

Lord Demonís Delight was in essence a delight to read.  I loved the premise and especially how the two characters met. I found myself laughing at the antics of Llewís brothers, mostly because they couldnít understand how Llewellyn could succumb so easily to one woman.  Add three crabby and mischievous fairy godmothers and my reading was filled with love and laughter. I found Jessaline to be Llewís perfect mate.  Innocent but fiery, she threw this tough man for a loop and I loved watching her ensnare him completely. 

Lord Demonís Delight is the first book I have ever read by Gia Dawn and it wonít be the last. I am officially hooked on the Demons of Dunmore series, and I canít wait for the next installment.  Lucky for me, I only have to wait a couple more months until the second book releases called, Lady Strumpet. 


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