Lord Brandon – A Liar’s Truth by Kimberly Garland
The Dark Castle Lords Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781921347023
Reviewed by Tanya



Ellsworth Castle is the only home Christina Edmund has ever known.  She is a healer and unlike her father, stepmother and stepsister, she is unwilling to flee while her services are still needed.  Suddenly it is too late and the castle is conquered by the evil Lord Renault Brandon, a man known far and wide by such horrific names as the Blood of Berlin, the Sorrow of Sicily, and the Agony of Athens.  In a plea to save the wounded men of her father’s army Christina bargains for their lives with her own life.

His cruelty is legendary across the countryside, yet when Christina comes face to face with Lord Brandon, she is stunned.  She expected a man that was a slathering, red-eyed dog, but instead she found an intelligent, loyal and irresistibly handsome man.  Christina vows to be strong in the face of this man that has stolen her home.  The healer within her is unable to let even his men be treated harshly and thinks they all deserve the compassionate hand of a healer.  When Christina is forced to share his bed, he treats her with fairness and she struggles to determine which of the stories about the man are true.

Lord Brandon – A Liar’s Truth is a fast paced story that takes place during a time when rumors traveled faster than truth.  I enjoyed following Christina as she discovered the truth about not only her family, but about “the Blood of Berlin”.  While the numerous nicknames thrown around for Sir Brandon were a bit annoying as the story developed I understand why there are so many of them.  If you want a fast paced medieval story with a happy ending, pick up Lord Brandon – A Liar’s Truth and enjoy this tale.


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