Lady in White by A.J. Matthews
A Mr. Grey Novel
Liquid Silver Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-59578-311-3
Reviewed by Amelia



Martin Grey is a ghost hunter.  Actually, he’s a revenue officer in England who ghost hunts on the side. Now, he’s doing something equally scary: meeting his girlfriend’s parents during Thanksgiving dinner in Indianapolis.

Claudia Mackenzie is thrilled to bring her boyfriend home for her family to meet.  Her father, however, thinks Martin, who is British, is using his daughter to get citizenship in the United States.  Claudia’s sister, Caroline, has problems of her own that require Martin’s help.

Caroline works at a mental hospital that is closing down.  One day a strange lady in white appears as a young boy falls into a frozen pond.  Caroline saves him, but knows something is fishy.  She asks Martin and Claudia for help in the paranormal investigation.

Martin digs down, and finds some answers, but they involve more than the lady in white.  Those answers also put members of the family at risk.

Lady in White is my first A.J. Matthews novel, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, and very happy, with the tale.  Mr. Matthews has penned a novel that is a great blend of the paranormal and romance. Martin and Claudia are very much in love, and have to fight problems that many couples face with their family.

The paranormal side of this tale is very well done.  I love a good ghost story, and this one was well crafted and wonderfully creepy in places.  If a good ghost story gets your blood going, try Lady in White.  I recommend it for lovers of the paranormal.  The romance is pretty hot, too.  An all around great read.


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