Kyriakis Curse by Eve Vaughn
Kyriakis Series, book 1
Loose Id
Werewolf Paranormal
ISBN 978-1-59632-423-7
Reviewed by Sharon



Sarah Deveraux has been on the run for most of her life, compelled by the feeling that someone is watching her, wanting to do her harm.  Her feeling is on the mark, but now someone new has joined in – Constantine Kyriakis.  While completing a mission for his father, the trail Constantine is on leads him to Sarah.  After their first kiss, Constantine is immediately attracted to Sarah, who refuses to acknowledge the attraction and refuses to allow anyone to get close to her.  Sarah’s cautious ways have kept her alive this long and she’s not about to change now.

As heir to Pack Kyriakis, Constantine has all the traits of a privileged alpha werewolf and has to adjust his thinking and his ways when dealing with Sarah.  Having lost her parents at a young age, Sarah is unaware that she is a half-breed and all the implications that this involves.  Sarah is the strong and silent type, even when she is confronted with the unknown and very reluctant to trust anyone.  Constantine is very loving and protective towards Sarah, which leads to misunderstandings for the couple.

Kyriakis Curse is packed with love and action and I can’t wait to read more from this new series.  There is a great backdrop story of love lost between Constantine’s father, Paris, and Sarah’s mother, Zahara (get your mind out of the gutter, it happened way before the kids were born).  Pick up Kyriakis Curse, you’ll be glad you did.


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