Knight’s Prize by Sarah McKerrigan
Warner Forever
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0446618861
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Miriel, the youngest of three sisters, comes across as being biddable and unassuming and she likes it that way.  While everyone thinks that she needs protection and sheltering, Miriel has been deceiving everyone, her family included.  Trained in ancient martial arts by her maid, Miriel’s life is anything but gentle.  It seems that her alter ego has been lining the coffers of the poor at the expense of the rich and in turn, the wealthy are not pleased. 

Rand is a mercenary soldier who has been hired by a noble to ferret out the criminal called “The Shadow” that had been preying on and stealing from the rich nobility.  His guise?  Suitor to Lady Miriel of Rivenloch.  What starts out as a ruse, suddenly becomes more with just one simple kiss.

Knight’s Prize is the third installment of Sarah McKerrigan’s saga of three warrior sisters.  Miriel is the epitome of womanhood, or so everyone believes.  Rand, a deadly hired killer has an agenda all of his own.  Coming across as a bumbling oaf, Rand’s desire for Miriel is sensuous and just plain sexy.  I stand in awe of Miriel and found her completely enchanting.  Laughing out loud at their comedic antics, I couldn’t get enough of this couple and hated when Knight’s Prize ended.

Full of life, laughter, and oftentimes delightfully sensual love, Knight’s Prize soothed my historical romance loving soul.  I couldn’t have asked for a better, more entertaining read. 


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