Katie by Dominique Adair
Southern Submissives Book 2
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN #9781419909160
Reviewed by Delia



Katie Toussant is ready to cut loose.  She’s been the dutiful daughter in caring for her ailing mother, the respected bookstore owner, and all around “good girl’.

When her best friend and business partner, Holly, gives her a belated birthday present of a 4 day 3 night stay at Utopia, she is first shocked then intrigued. Utopia is the Adults only sexual playground resort in the Bahamas. The temptation to fulfill her fantasy of Master and submissive is too great to ignore. Utopia here she comes!

Richard Mallory is one of the owner’s of Utopia. When his cousin Holly arranges a birthday stay for her business partner, he is happy to set it up. He never expects Katie to be the submissive of his dreams. He and his brother have both promised to wait until they are 40 before getting into any serious relationships.  Their business has to come first.

But meeting Katie while fixing the printer at the check-in desk has put paid to that promise. His instant desire for Katie won’t allow anyone else to be her Master. Teaching Katie the true meaning of Master and submissive brings both of them more passion and intimacy than either one is prepared for. There is just one little hitch.  Katie thinks he just works for the resort, she doesn’t know is part owner and Holly’s cousin Richard and not just her Master Rick. What will happen when Katie finally knows the truth?

Katie by Dominique Adair aka J.C. Wilder, is the second in the Southern Submissives series and can stand alone.  Katie and Rick’s journey into Master and submissive is both wild and sweet. Katie must learn to give up total sexual control and trust her Master. Rick is the ultimate Master. He guides Katie on an erotic sexual journey that is blazing hot!  I thoroughly recommend this book and series. Southern Submissves aren’t your typical Southern Belles!


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