Ice Maiden by Alecia Monaco
Stocking Stuffers
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Hot Flashes
ISBN: (10): 1-59596-545-9 (13): 978-1-59596-545-5
Reviewed by Jo



The Christmas season surrounds Sebastian Hale but this is just one more season to be alone, like so many others.  Being a vampire means that Sebastian has seen many holiday seasons.  About to leave the partying masses, Sebastian is asked to create an ice sculpture by a younger vampire.  He agrees but decides to create an ice maiden.  Sebastian is amazed at how she turns out and then to his surprised an accident brings her to life.  Silver has no idea how she came to be in her current form, but she knows that she wants to experience everything that Sebastian can show her.  Knowing their time might be limited, Sebastian and Silver turn the night into one of sensual delights.  Not wanting to lose the other, they try something radical at the last minute.

Ice Maiden acknowledges that for a single person the Christmas season can be a lonely time.  Sebastian creates his dream woman when asked to use his powers to create an ice sculpture.  Silver awakes knowing many things but not what being with Sebastian would be like.  Sebastian and Silver put all they have into their night and hope for the future.  Ice Maiden brings all the holiday hopes and wishes in to a story of discovery and love.  By the end, I knew that Sebastian and Silver would never be lonely again and that the holidays would be a time they would forever treasure.  I can recommend Ice Maiden to all romance lovers


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