Hot and Bothered by Kate Hill
Python Place, Book 2
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Angels & Demons, BDSM
ISBN: (10): 1-59596-440-1 (13): 978-1-59596-440-3
Reviewed by Jo



Pier is a daemon and currently bored with her life.  When a friend challenges her to meet another daemon that just might give her all the excitement and sexual energy she needs, Pier agreesÖ although she doesnít want to at first.  Her past experiences with male daemons has led her to believe that they are bossy, arrogant and self-absorbed.  Not exactly something Pier believes she needs in her life. 

Dimitri Terence runs a pleasure house, Python Place, with his brothers.  Dimitri and his half brothers all work extremely hard and help each other to block the evil that is in their genes.  Dimitriís opinion of female daemons is almost exactly the same as Pierís, however, he does agree to the meeting.  Pier and Dimitri meet and discover that several things were left out when being told about each other.  Discovering they are soul mates is only the beginning of the problems that they face.  When Pier is kidnapped, will Dimitri submit to the evil in him to save her?

Hot and Bothered is all about the power of love and compromise.  Pier has stayed away from male daemons because she believes that a relationship with one would be more trouble than pleasure.  Dimitri spends his days helping his brothers run their house and fighting the evil that constantly tries to come to the forefront of their lives.  Neither believes they want a soul mate at this time, but realize instantly when they face the other that they are each otherís soul mate.  Hot and Bothered is steamy and erotic with just a touch of suspense.  I loved watching Pier and Dimitri trying to figure out a peaceful way to have it all together.   I have not read Ms. Hillís first story in this series, but will be going to get it now and am waiting for the third.  If you havenít read any of the stories in the Python Place series, run your mouse over to Changeling Press and grab them.  You wonít regret it.


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