Highland Savage by Hannah Howell
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-8217-7999-6
Reviewed by Nannette



Lucas Murray was betrayed by the woman he loved a year ago.  While Katerina Haldane looked on, Lucas was brutally attacked by Ranald and his men.  A year later, Lucas comes face to face with Katerina again and his need for revenge is strong.

Katerina is shocked and thrilled to see Lucas.  Her feelings for him have never waned, but it becomes clear very quickly that Lucas believes she is responsible for what happened to him; he doesnít know what happened to her either.  Katerina tells Lucas that her half sister Agnes and her lover Ranald are to blame for what happened to them.  Although Lucas does not fully believe Katerinaís story, he agrees to help before Agnes and Ranald get the chance to try to kill them again.

Fighting their enemies will be difficult, but it may be even harder for Lucas to earn back the trust of the woman he loves.

Hannah Howell writes yet another wonderful historical romance novel with Highland Savage.  Lucas is a very handsome, fierce and noble warrior who shows a charming amount of vulnerability.  Katerina is a beautiful and fiery fighter as well; she is passionate, witty, and strong.  Highland Savage is full of romance, danger and excitement.  Itís an excellent choice for any historical romance reader.


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