Highland Mist by Donna Grant
The Druidís Glen, Book 1
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-8246
Reviewed by Lyonene



Being raised as the daughter of the MacNeil was pure hell.  Her father and his kinsmen had shown her nothing but hatred all of her life, hatred that she didnít deserve.  Glenna was often ashamed of her fatherís actions and cruelty, and constantly craved her freedom from him.  One day Iona came to the castle without warning, brought to Glenna to be her teacher. It was a relationship which soon bloomed into friendship.  After repeatedly questioning Iona about her past and never being told a thing, Glenna gave up asking.  Too soon Iona left, but she left Glenna with the hope that a man would come to take her away from her father.

Conall MacInnes is torn between the vow he made to his mother upon her death bed and the vow he made when he became laird of his clan.  The Druids that he has sworn to protect have refused to help him search for his taken sister with the only explanation being, she needs to follow her destined path.  Heís sure that the MacNeil has taken Iona and when he goes to MacNeil castle, heís convinced of it.  As he and his clansmembers are attacked within the hall, Conall sees a woman abovestairs that he feels a connection with.  She turns out to be the MacNeilís daughter, Glenna, who offers herself to him to help in getting his sister back.

Instant attraction is felt by both Conall and Glenna, but between the MacNeil, the Druids and Conallís clanís hatred of anything MacNeil, will there ever be anything between them?

Highland Mist is a wonderful Scottish historical that weaves love, hatred, passion, magick and war seamlessly into a very satisfying whole.  Glenna and Conall are wonderful characters that truly belonged together and watching their relationship evolve was enchanting.  Iím looking forward to reading Highland Nights.


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