Healing Hearts by Monique Lamont
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59426-577-1
Reviewed by Tera



Yasmine has been working hard to forget about her ex and move on with her life. She and her best friend have a successful business as dieticians and she’s happy - except for the fact that she desperately wants to adopt a set of twins from the orphanage she visits. When she makes a call to a lawyer to discuss the matter, she’s told that without a husband, her chance of getting the twins is next to nothing. But when she heads for a girls weekend out with her best friend, Leigh, she runs into her gorgeous client, Jason. After a wonderful evening together, he makes her an offer. Will she be able to accept it in order to have her twins?

Jason is a hard-working advertising executive fast on the way to becoming vice president of his firm. But when he has a heart attack at the young age of thirty-three, his boss tells him he needs to do more to balance his life. When his team throws a gala at a swanky hotel on the shore, he doesn’t expect to run into his dietician, Yasmine. Can he get her to open up to him?

Healing Hearts was a great read. I really felt for the characters. The love between Yasmine and the children was tangible, and I can understand why she would go to any lengths to adopt them. The interaction between Yasmine and Jason was wonderful, and even though both of them tried to deny it, there were some definite fireworks going on between them. The only things that kept this story from being absolutely superb were the mistakes made by the editorial staff. Missing words and wrong words were frequent throughout and I was constantly jolted from the story because of it.


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