Heads or Tails? by Titania Ladley
Elloraís Cave
ISBN 9781419908224
Reviewed by Amelia



Cliff and Molly Garrett own and run a bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania.  They are a divorced couple.  The main reason behind the divorce is the fact that both of them think they are gay.  Neither of them has explored the possibility physically, itís just really a feeling.  While each one is away from the inn, they come across the chance to act upon their fantasies.

For Molly, itís when an Amish woman named Gwen comes to the inn seeking shelter.  She is running from her abusive husband and Molly takes her in.

For Cliff, itís when a rough looking hitchhiker named Manny comes to the inn seeking a room.  Turns out that Manny is also on the run, from mobsters.

The couples use their time together to explore their sexuality, and to fight their personal demons.

Heads or Tails? is an intriguing story.  I can honestly say that Iíve never read anything written in quite the same fashion.  The story is divided into three parts, the story of Molly and Gwen, the story of Cliff and Manny, and the way their problems are resolved in the end.

I very much enjoyed the way Ms. Ladley approached this book.  It was interesting to watch the couples come to terms with each other, and with their own emerging needs.  This is a unique book that lovers of gay/lesbian fiction will enjoy.


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