Happy Howlidays by Isabella Jordan
Stocking Stuffers
Changeling Press
Mťnage, Werewolves, Christmas
ISBN: (10): 1-59596-539-4 ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-539-4
Reviewed by Jo



Sarah Rushe agreed to meet her family at their Canadian cabin in the woods for Christmas, only they did not anticipate the snow storm that was raging.  She is now stopped at the road to the cabin that is blocked and a car that wonít go anywhere.  When Ranger Devin Parke takes her to the ranger cabin for the night, Sarah discovers another Ranger from a long ago night waiting in it, Eric Reneau.  Christmas Eve becomes a night none of them will ever forget, but is it just one night?

Happy Howlidays sneaks up and bites you, literally at the end.  Sarah has never forgotten the night she drank too much and then ran from her actions.  Devin Parke and Eric Reneau have waited years to have Sarah with them again.   While one hot night is acceptable for one party, it just might not be enough for others.  I was expecting a wolf all through the story just by the name, but I didnít discover how until the very end and it was a surprise (no Iím not going to tell you).  I loved Happy Howlidays with one minor exception - the to be continued.  Now you if you read this, and I believe you should, will be haunting Ms. Jordanís site and Changeling Press to find the next edition of the story.


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