Greysonís Heart by Kendra Mei Chailyn
Amira Press
Reviewed by Sharon



Crushed by her unfulfilled dreams of taking Hollywood by storm, Gillian Claybrooke  reluctantly returns home to assume life as a librarian.  A lonely nobody in high school, Gillian faces that same status as an adult.

Greyson Duncan has returned to his hometown after twelve years because of his ailing mother and missing father.  Greyson was one of those cool kids who ignored Gillian in high school and now, when he steps up to her at a local diner, she coolly rebuffs him.  Dismayed by her reactions to Greyson, both by the knowledge that sheís still interested in him and by her quick dismissal of him, Gillian ends up being a supportive friend to Greyson after his mother dies. 

Greysonís Heart is the classic loner girl/popular hunk find each other after all.  I have to admit, I didnít click with this story.  Beyond the fact that Greyson and Gillian went to high school together, there wasnít much of a back story to them, which would conceivably explain the speed at which they hooked up.  Nor did I buy into the bit about Greysonís parents.  I believe that Ms. Chailyn has potential; unfortunately, this story doesnít showcase her talent in the best light.  Additional editing would not be remiss either.  Case in point, Gillianís name changes from Claybrooke to Claybrook and back again throughout the story.  However, I love both Paul and Tannerís presence in the story.  As best friends of Gillian and Greyson, respectively, they provide common sense and comic relief to the main characters.


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