Gods and Goblins, Oh My! by Crymsyn R. Hart
StarDust Press
Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Fantasy-Witch / Mythology
ISBN: 978-981-05-7902-9
Reviewed by Michelle



Kalliope, who prefers to be called Kalli, is a slightly accident prone witch in need of a bit of magical assistance to help with the state of her finances.  Just a small ceremony performed to aid in her candle making business so she can fill her empty fridge and pay her rent.  Things don't go quite as Kalli planned though, a spot of rain, bit of lightening, a fried CD player and a run in with a well-endowed naked hunk happens with her bungled ceremony.  Despite her magical ceremony not going as planned, it has in actuality worked by summoning the Celtic sun god Lugh.

Lugh is able to answer Kalli's deepest inner desires, which he felt calling out to him while she was performing her finance bolstering ceremony.  He may be a well-endowed sun god known to play the field, but he feels especially drawn to Kalliope.

Kalliope has unknowingly drawn the attention of another god who has been hunting her since she was born.  She is drawn into the realm of the gods, goblins, sirens and other assorted magical creatures.  The budding relationship with Lugh isn't the only thing demanding her attention; the mystery of the god rampaging after her must be solved quickly if she is to survive unscathed.  What is a witch to do with increased magical abilities, a hot sun god, a crazed death god, a viciously jealous goddess and a mystery to solve?

Crysyn Hart wove together a whimsical world of magic with a touch of mystery and some godly passion all peppered with humor in Gods and Goblins, Oh My!  Kalliope's klutzy ability to handle a variety of unexpected situations provides humor throughout this story while she is coming to terms with her new magical abilities, revelations about her past and dealing with her intense feelings for Lugh.  Gods and Goblins, Oh My! is an all ‘round nice comedic & fantastical love story.


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