Feral Domination by L.A. Day
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0919-1
Reviewed by Klarissa



Their future together was ripped away from her grasp when Gionne refused to mate with her.  Jenna’s heart broke, but she could never get past what might have been so she never took a mate.  Then when Gionne, the alpha of the Valde and pretty much leader of all the shifters, agreed to see Leon and Jenna, suddenly her past and her future collide. 

Leon, Jenna’s brother and alpha of the Carbonesse, seeks help from Gionne to help his race continue to survive.  Gionne has one stipulation before he agrees to help.  Jenna must remain with him.  Jenna and Gionne are once again faced with life altering choices; will Jenna make the right one?

Feral Domination is absolutely delectable!  These two shape-shifting characters sizzle when they are together.  You’ll enjoy the thrill of the chase and the sexy submission.  Feral Domination is a wonderful read, especially if you love shifters!


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